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Tea Masters Cup* has updated Rules & Regulations, which will be applied at the final championship Tea Masters Cup International – 2017.

Now the united system of umbrella-brand Tea Masters Cup will be represented by 4 categories: Tea Preparation, Tea Pairing, Tea Mixology and Tea Tasting. There are a special icons for every category which were invented for the best identification of each competition.

The changes concerned to the categories:

Tea Preparation will include the Organizers’ Tea, prepared from a single tea sample chosen from a fixed set of samples without any additional components and, optionally, with additional organizers’ requirements; and Master’s Tea, prepared from any tea chosen by the Master without any additional components.

Tea Pairing will include Organizers’ Composition consisting of tea (or tea-based drink) and a snack (possibly including mandatory organizers’ components and served with additional organizers’ requirements); and Master’s Composition, which consists of tea (or tea-based drink) and a snack, prepared from any ingredients.

Tea Mixology will include Organizers’ Mix prepared from tea and other ingredients chosen from a fixed set and with additional organizers’ requirements; and Master’s Mix prepared according to the Master’s own recipe without any restrictions.

Tea Tasting will include Multi-Ingredient Beverage - infusion prepared from the 1 tea and 3 other components for 5 min control taste; and Pure Tea - 5 teas and 10 min for control blind-taste.

Integrally with accepting the new rules there is a transition period, which is set up for the cycle 2016-2017. According to this Tea Masters Cup International will be held under a new Rules & Regulations but for the national competitions will be possible to use the old rules (should be decided by authorized national organization).

*A unique international competition among professional tea masters – the Tea Masters Cup™ (TMC), founded in 2013. At the present there are 15 countries which participate in the competition system.

Tea Masters Cup - Tradition - Innovation - Perfection
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