What is Tea Masters Cup?

It's a project aim to develop specialty tea market, educate people and consumer about tea and create strong tea community worldwide

  • Address: Rooms 05-15, 13A/F, South Tower, World Finance Centre,
    Harbour City, 17 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon
    Hong Kong
  • Phone: + 8528-192-88-53
  • Email: info@teamasterscup.com

TMCI-2018 General Sponsor

TMCI-2018 General Sponsor

Tea Masters Cup International is around the corner! Best Tea Masters of the season 2017-2018 will be gathered together next week in Hue, Vietnam. Let's thank our sponsors who makes this event possible.

Dai Nam Imperial Medicine Institut, one of our General Sponsors.

Based on the context of the reconstruction of the Thai Y Vien (Royal Medicine Institute), Nguyen dynasty with royal traditional phytotherapy, medicine and therapies, Dai Nam Thai Y Vien brings the traditional culture values to modern life. Dai Nam Imperial Medicine Institute offers a relaxed, tranquil environment, brings people back to their roots, turn back time and feel the traditional values of culture, rustic but delicate.
Contact details: www.dainamthaiyvien.vn; 23 Ke Trai, Phu Binh Ward, Hue, Vietnam, +84 909558355
Facebook: Đại Nam Thái Y Viện

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