Tea Masters Cup International 2016

Seoul, South Korea

Tea Preparation, Tea Pairing, Tea Tasting
11 countries
New: Tea Masters show program

Tea Masters Cup International 2016 was held at June 9–10, 2016 in Seoul (South Korea) in Tea Preparation, Tea Pairing and Tea Tasting categories. Tea masters from Australia, Belarus, Czech Republic, Georgia, Latvia, Italy, Poland, Russia, South Korea, Ukraine and Vietnam participated in the tournament.

TMCI 2016 Tea Preparation winners:
— 1st — Soohyun Park (South Korea)
— 2nd — Viviana Petrovska (Latvia)
— 3rd — Tatiana Deinega (Russia)

TMCI 2016 Tea Pairing winners:
— 1st — Murat Kornaev (Poland)
— 2nd — Ustinya Kosterkina (Russia)
— 3rd — Aliaksandr Brazhnikau (Belarus)

TMCI 2016 Tea Tasting winners:
— 1st — Kunti Horsta (Latvia)
— 2nd — Alex Yurong Pan (Australia)
— 3rd — Lukasz Toflinski (Poland)

After intensive days of competition the whole group of masters and guests drove to see Korean tea plantations. They were also able to see Korean tea ceremonies and take part in them, make their own tea and see Tea Museum. They had a unique possibility to live in a Buddhists monastery and learn Korean tea culture and way of life.

The competition was held in cooperation with Shinda Wooloo Group (South Korea) under support of General Sponsors: Çaykur (Turkey) and Korea Tea Board; Governmental Sponsors: Seoul Metropolitan Government, Hadong County, Boseong County; Partners: Bunn, World Tea Festival.