Tea Masters Cup International 2017

Enshi, China

Tea Mixology, Tea Pairing, Tea Preparation, Tea Tasting
13 countries
New: Tea Mixology, only pure tea in Tea Preparation, Organizer’s Composition in Tea Pairing, Multi-Component Beverage in Tea Tasting.

Tea Masters Cup International 2017 was held at September 25–27, 2017 in Enshi (Hubei, China) in Tea Mixology, Tea Pairing, Tea Preparation and Tea Tasting categories. Tea masters from Australia, Belarus, China, Czech Republic, Italy, Latvia, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine and Vietnam participated in the tournament.

TMCI 2017 Tea Mixology winners:
— 1st — Kateřina Vymazalová (Czech Republic)
— 2nd — Valerio Vitiello (Italy)
— 3rd — Tatyana Filimonova (Russia)

TMCI 2017 Tea Pairing winners:
— 1st — Andrei Ivanov (Latvia)
— 2nd — Dorothy Chan (Australia)
— 3rd — Dave Lim (Singapore)

TMCI 2017 Tea Preparation winners:
— 1st — Dmytro Filimonov (Ukraine)
— 2nd — Andrei Ivanov (Latvia)
— 3rd — Daineko Alissiia (Russia)

TMCI 2017 Tea Tasting winners:
— 1st — Jakub Ryšavý (Czech Republic)
— 2nd — Andrei Ivanov (Latvia)
— 3rd — Dmytro Filimonov (Ukraine)

After the competitions all the participants and guests of TMCI 2017 could join the Tea Tour around the tea plantations and tea factories in cities of Enshi and Yichang, province of Hubei. A unique opportunity to meet tea people and to know the technologies of producing wonderful and famous Chinese tea was a good final point for Tea Masters experience. Together with amazing nature and warm reception of China, that Tea Masters Cup International was a special and unforgettable.

Tea Masters Cup International 2017 was organized in cooperation with the China Chamber of Commerce of I&E of Foodstuffs, Native Produce and Animal By-Products (CFNA) and Hubei province, supported by Çaykur company, and with partnership of Lichuan Jinli Tea Co., Ltd, Hubei Tea Group Co., Ltd, Wangfu Tea House Group, Enshi Rainbow International Rich-selenium Tea Co., Ltd, Wuhan Yellow Crane Tower Tea Co., Ltd and Enshi Jimei Selenium Tea Culture Co., Ltd.

TMCI 2017 Routines (Download PDF)