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Tea Masters Cup Belarus 2019

On March 12–14, 9525 Tea Festival was held in Minsk within the framework of the 28th International Specialized HoReCa RetailTech Exhibition. Tea companies and tea specialists treated the guests of the festival to tea and organized various tea activities for them. And at the same time, the participants of Tea Masters Cup Belarus competed in Tea Preparation and Tea Mixology categories. Oleg Yusov became the winner in Tea Preparation, Anton Martoplyas won in Tea Mixology. Following tradition, both 9525 Tea Festival and Tea Masters Cup Belarus tournament were hosted by…

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Tea Masters Cup Belarus 2017

On March 18 and 19, in Minsk, at two different platforms (The National Art Museum and hotel Beijing) Tea Masters Cup Belarus 2017 was held. Aleksandr Brazhnikov became the winner in Tea Mixology and Tea Pairing. Kiril Parchinsky became the winner in Tea Tasting. Svetlana Verametska became the winner in Tea Preparation. Hello, friends! My name is Aleksandr Brazhnikov, I’m 30 years old. I represent Belarus at TMC International. I have been working as a barman for 9 years. But only now acquaintance with tea comes out for me to…

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Tea Masters Cup Belarus 2016

In Belarus, on Sunday, February 21 at the second time was held a national tea competition Tea Masters Cup Belarus. For one day the Beijing Hotel in Minsk, which hosted the championship, was transformed into a real tea house: in the air there were aromas of fine tea, which flow as a river like people wanting to get to know the culture of tea. More than 2 thousand people attended the event, people were coming for an hour, or for the whole day or for a minute to have a…

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Tea Masters Cup Belarus 2015

At the first Tea Championship in Belarus was full house: until the evening the flow of people was moving between areas. Here you could listen an interesting information about the mate and sculpt a clay and be treated to tea, and, of course, watch the tea brewing by tea masters. In the category Tea Preparation won Alexey Kupryakov from Brest. Anastasia Mikhalevich surprised jury with her Tea Composition in the second category. In the Category Tea Tasting Olga Slizanovа was not equal.

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