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3 Persons of a Cup Challenge

Tea Masters Cup community has initiated ‘3 persons of a cup’ challenge to support and inspire tea professionals all around the world.

In every cup of tea there is work and knowledge of many people. Those who brew and drink it. Those who source and sell it. And those who make it. We are the links of the same tea value chain and in every cup of tea we are united. Tell the story of your tea and the people with whom you share every sip of it!

In order to join the Challenge, you need to publish on your page (or your project page) on social networks four pictures: one picture of a tea and three pictures of the people who are associated with this tea (one of the three being you). For example:

1. Picture of a tea.
2. The person drinking and/or brewing the tea (#idrinktea, #ibrewtea).
3. The person from whom the tea was obtained (#iselltea, #ipromotetea).
4. The person who produced the tea (#imaketea).

You could also write the name of the tea, tea companies or the brand and the names of all people, mark them, add tags and add a short story about the tea and people.

Don’t forget to link @teamastersclub and write a hashtag #3personsofacup for us to see your post and repost it in our social media resources

Please nominate your tea friends to do this challenge! Stay T-uned!

#3personsofacup, #teavaluechain, #teachain, #idrinktea, #ibrewtea, #iselltea, #isourcetea, #ipromotetea, #imaketea, #teamasterscup, #masterstalk, #stayteauned.

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