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Tea Masters Cup Russia 2020

On March 13-14, at Coffee Tea Cacao Russian Expo, Moscow, the winners of Tea Masters Cup Russia 2020 were determined. The competition was held among winners of regional qualifying rounds in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Rostov-on-Don, Kazan and Novosibirsk.

In the Tea Preparation category the participants presented to the judges their Master’s Tea (any pure tea brewed in any way) and Ogranizers’ Tea (one and the same tea was handed out to all participants the day before the competition so that they had time to find the best way for brewing it). The winner of the tournament was Vladimir Akimochkin, second place was taken by Elena Pazhetnykh, third place — by Farid Fattakhov.

In the Tea Mixology category the participants served to the judges their Master’s Mix (any components with the obligatory use of tea) and the Organizers’ Mix (obligatory elements included: any tea, tea liqueur and syrups provided by the Organizer). The best tea mixologist of Russia in 2020 was Mikhail Hong, second place was taken by Evgeny Kotov, third place — by Roman Sorokin.

This year’s Tea Tasting competition was organized in such a way that each participant worked with an individual set of tea tasting samples. The winner in the Tea Tasting category was Mikhail Orlov, second place was taken by Dmitry Titkov, third place — by Katerina Arkhandeyeva.

In the Tea Pairing category the participants served the judges with the Workshop composition (made up of any tea and any snack) and the Organizing composition (made up of chocolate and any tea provided by the organizer). In this category, Vadim Borodinov won, Alena Novgorodova took second place and Natalia Prokhorenko took third place.

The championship organizers congratulate the winners, wishing them a successful performance at Tea Masters Cup International, and thank their sponsors and partners.

Photo credit: Zhafyarov Ruslan (@rus_z_photo).

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