Ceylon Tea Masters Sketch 2020

Free style tea service which includes a drink (Ceylon tea or Ceylon tea-based beverage), a snack and a short tea story. Download Rules.

A Touch of Ceylon Tea
Iris Weichler. Belgium

TMC Belgium 2019 Tea Preparation Winner

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You can enjoy tea in different circumstances: more informal, outside in nature. The actions during making tea are inspired by the environment and are spontaneously. You can bring the taste of a tea, which comes from the other side of the world (in this case a tea from Sri Lanka) in to your own environment. The whole experience and finally the taste of the tea will reflect in that particular moment. You have also the more formal way of brewing tea: with a plan, a pre-selected arrangement. The intention is to listen to the tea and his origin. Just to open the senses for what the tea will tell you.

A Tour with Ceylon Tea Taste
Meisam Asadi. Iran

TMC Iran 2019 Tea Preparation Winner

I am an active ecotourism and I enjoy it a lot. I spend weekend on mountaineering and nature. Almost 60% of people drank and enjoyed this kind of Ceylon tea in daily life. West Azerbaijan people (the region I live) are interested in Ceylon broken tea. Easily we can say that West Azerbaijan people are the most interested people in Ceylon broken tea in Iran.

Ceylon Say Lyon
Florian Aumaire. France

TMC France 2018 Tea Pairing Winner

I tried to mix éclair with praline which is very original and cold brew Ceylon tea (we are not used to drinking it this way). Roasted notes of praline so nice with woody and flowery notes of Ceylon tea. Together it is perfect! With Ceylon tea notes of praline become stronger. This is a very good pairing.

Ceylon Tea Cocktail
David Liem. Australia

TMC Australia & New Zealand 2018 Tea Pairing Winner

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We are going to make Tea Cocktail using a pure Ceylon black tea from Sabaragamuwa district. This type of tea has a sweet caramel taste which I guess is going to be perfect for tea cocktail. We have Ceylon black tea cocktail and I’m going to pair it with white and dark chocolate.

Easy Tea Understanding
Arvind Khedun. Ireland

TMC Ireland 2020 Tea Pairing Winner

I brew Ceylon Black Tea with silver tips, all in similar sizes. It is tea from Maskeliya region, Adam’s  Peak, grown at 7000 ft. Bright gold orange color, with caramel and vanilla in aroma, caramel and hints of cinnamon in flavor. I serve it with banana cake with white milk chocolate and dark chocolate curls on the top.

Heavy Tea Drinker’s Breakfast
Daria Mikheeva. Russia

TMC Russia 2014–2015 & TMCI 2015 Tea Pairing Winner

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Life blossoms after the Tea Masters Cup. Winning, on top of the long process of preparation for the Championship inspired me to keep developing my tea pairing skills. After achieving first place, I devoted a year to the Patisserie profession and then an additional two years to my own Tea School and Studio that I opened with a friend.

Valerio Vitiello. Italy

TMC Italy 2017 Tea Mixology Winner

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Kamkaruvan, which means tea pickers in the Sinhala language. Is a  tribute for all those people who work in the tea plantation and in the recent years have been fighting for more rights and better living conditions. It’s something made just  thinking about them, I would be pleased one day to prepare the Kamkaruvan cocktail in the middle of the tea plantation and meet this amazing people.

My Family, My Inspiration
Cakra Virajati. Indonesia

TMC Indonesia 2019 Tea Mixology Winner

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For me, my family is my inspiration. I really love my wife and my son. When one of my family is sick, I feel like my happiness suddenly disappear. One day, my wife got headache and stomachache. To make her feel better, I tried to make “Jamu Sinom” that made from Ceylon green tea.

Vladimir Akimochkin. Russia

TMC Russia 2020 Tea Preparation Winner

I used black Ceylon tea from the vicinity of Nuwara Eliya, adding a leaf of fresh mint and raspberry to it. in the composition along with white bread butter and raspberry jam. Prepared as a classic toast with jam. I have known this recipe since childhood, as well as many of my compatriots.

Kate Kendall. Canada

TMC Canada 2019 Tea Preparation Winner

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…Pour some golden maple syrup (I recommand the golden one that is more subtle and matches perfectly with the Ceylon tea) to your taste but at least one teaspoon. Drop a strawberry in the your bowl (or glass, or chawan) or hang one on the edge. You can decorate with fir or spruce. It fits better if it’s a glass. Enjoy!

Russian Tea Party
Natalia Prokhorenko. Russia

TMC Russia 2018 Tea Mixology Winner

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For my friends I usually make tea with different herbs. I’ll be making Ceylon Tea with flavorful thyme and raspberry. Strong Ceylon tea and pancakes with sour cream and pine cones jam syrup — it is very easy and delicious!

Tapa’s Tea Pairing
Juliana Perpén. Spain

TMC Spain 2017 Tea Pairing Winner

For this tea pairing I have chosen a handspun Keshari tea from Sri Lanka and smoked cheese from North of Spain called Idiazabal. And handmade syrup made with reduced Spanish wine Pedro Ximénez (this is very sweet wine), sugar, cinnamon, gloves and mace.

Tea Ceremony in Silence
Oleg Yousov. Belarus

TMC Belarus 2019 Tea Preparation Winner

This tea is a gift from my tea brothers… A few sips of tea — and you can feel a coating on the palate and the tip of the tongue. Tartness and dried fruit taste are followed by sweetness and florality. Combined with orange biscuit, prunes, dried apricots and evening walk with your loved one, this tea is a great end for the day.

Tea Circles are Universal
MaryJane Hua. Australia

TMC Australia & New Zealand 2018 & TMCI 2018 Tea Preparation Winner

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The spirit of tea has been steeped in our everyday life for many centuries. It is the simple act of hospitality that connects us to the unique customs and flavours of other cultures. Each cup is a source of inspiration. This is why, at Natiive Ciircles, our mission is to celebrate cultural diversity through loose leaf tea and to infuse the enjoyment of tea in our everyday life.

The Art of Rejuvenating
Panchali Mandakini. Sri Lanka

TMC Sri Lanka 2018 Tea Pairing Winner

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While you are safe at home during these challenging times, consuming tea is surely a perfect remedy that helps rejuvenate and boost your immune system and assist in tackling foreign bodies from invading your body, as put forth by experts. They have also disclosed that tea, is indeed a medicinal beverage that heals, protect and refreshes you…

The Family Tea Party
Polina Sagara. Russia

TMC Russia 2018 Tea Preparation Winner

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Orange Pekoe from Ruhuna and Cheesecake in an apple. This composition has outstanding visual properties and fantastic taste. Baked apple enhances fruit notes of tea and velvety astringency of tea goes well with the delicate texture of cream cheese. Crisp granola sweetness, spicy notes of cinnamon and sour taste of cream-cheese make this dessert fantastically delicious! Take a sip of tea and feel in the aftertaste remains of mint coolness and long lasting sweetness.

The Golden Tips of Love
Marina Aksenova. Ukraine

TMC Ukraine 2019 Tea Preparation Winner

Every Sunday all my family comes to my house to have breakfast and tea after. As all of them are unique they all have different tastes. And sometime it is impossible to please everyone. But the Universe gave me the solution I was searching for. The Golden Tips of Ceylon.

The Power that Inspires You
Anastasia Shif. Belarus

TMC Belarus 2015 & TMCI 2015 Tea Pairing Winner

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My passion for tea has grown into a lifestyle. Our family business is designing and custom building motorcycles. The creation of each of the projects requires a lot of effort and attention, and just as in tea, every detail is important. Over the years, tea has become part of the culture in our family and team.