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Tea Masters Cup Ukraine 2019

A word from organizers of Tea Masters Cup Ukraine 2019 (Teahouse):

“Ukrainian Tea Masters Cup in 2019 turned out unique and outstanding.

For the first time International Judges visited Tournament — our hugs and honor to Denis Shumakov and William Lee. For the first time Ukrainian Tea Masters Cup Judges being certified. For the first time we’ve managed to gather so many tea brands and tea people. And, finally, for the first time we’ve visited the one and only Tea Plantation in Ukraine together.

That means a lot, ’cause now there is a strong communiTEA, willing to develop the Industry and the synergetic effect will show out its results shortly. Stay tuned!

Marina Aksenova in Tea Preparation, Andrey Petrovskiy in Tea Mixology and Anna Tsylnitska in Tea Tasting — warmest congratulations and fingers crossed for Tea Masters Cup International!”

Tea Masters Cup Ukraine in 2019 was held on October 6 in Kyiv, on October 7–8 guests of TMC Ukraine visited small tea plantation in Mukachevo.

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