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Tea Masters Cup France 2018

First Tea Masters Cup France was held on 23–24 September 2018 at one of the most gastronomic event of the year — Salon Gourmet Sélection. The theme of two categories, Tea Preparation and Tea Pairing, was “Terroir et Saison”, which means the union of regional products and culture together with wealth of the season.

All first participants of the championship brilliantly managed the subject and presented their creative ideas to the judges. The best were Léonard Ploton in Tea Preparation and Florian Aumaire in Tea Pairing who will represent France at TMCI 2018. The championship in France had a great positive feedback and attracted a lot of interest to the project. And of course this first edition wouldn’t have been possible without support of two leaders of tea market: Riviera & Bar and Brita who provided excellent equipment and perfect water for brewing best tea in France.

Photo credit: Natalia Bogdanovska

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