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Tea Masters Cup Kazakhstan 2018

This year, Kazakhstan has joined Tea Masters Cup International. On August 23, the first Kazakhstan tournament in two categories, Tea Pairing and Tea Tasting, was held at the Ramada Hotel in Almaty. The national qualifying round was held under the working title “Indian tea and Kazakh gastronomic specialties”.

The work of the judges was not easy, each of the participants amazed them by high proficiency in the work with tea. Nevertheless, the winner was determined — Nurken Akhanov was recognized as the best. The slogan of his participation was “Taking the risk you can lose, but without taking the risk you will never win”. He took the risk and won — in both categories at once.

The general sponsor of the championship was the Tea Board of India. Representatives of 20 tea companies from India took part in the events accompanying the tournament.

Photo credit: Maxim Belechenko

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