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Tea Masters Cup Italy 2019

Erica Rossi is the champion of the fourth edition of Tea Masters Cup Italy in the category of Tea Mixology. The competition took place on Sunday 24th November in Turin during the European Tea Show, organized by Protea Association during Gourmet Food Festival.

Erica Rossi prepared a mix called “Tè all’Italiana” (Italian Style Tea) which is made of Darjeeling Indian tea and the excellence of Italian drinks. The ingredients were gin from Lake Como made up of herbs and flowers found in the meadows and mountainside, Passito wine from Pantelleria island in the South of Italy with sweet notes, special syrup with honey, orange and a hint of milk.

Second position for Marco Fabbri who prepared a tea cocktail based on the character of “The Mad Hatter” from the famous Alice in Wonderland.

Erwan Garofano won third place with his cocktail Long Zhi Huo, Dragon’s Fire.

The Tea Masters Cup Italy jury included both representatives from the tea world and mixology. The president of the jury was Gabriella Lombardi, Tea Sommelier, certified international judge at Tea Masters Cup competition and president of the Protea association, official coordinator of TMC for Italy.

The judges were: Kevin Gascoyne (Camellia Sinensis, Canada), Andrei Ivanov (certified international judge at TMC International, Latvia), Bernardo Ferro (A.B.I. Professional, Italy), Ilias Contreas (Mixology Academy, Italy), Adriano Ronco (Bacardi Martini Group, Italy).

The event was made possible thanks to the help of the sponsors and partners.

Main sponsor of the event was Vietnam Snow Shan Tea who provided teas for the mystery box for the second improvised tea cocktail with ingredients requested and selected by TMC organizers.

Other sponsors were AICS, Richard (May Food, Russia), Italgrafica, Bacardi Martini Group, Bevande Futuriste and a special mention to our partners A.B.I. Professional (Bartender Association of Italy) and Mixology Academy.

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